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Most Dynamic Bike Racing Games
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Most Dynamic Bike Racing Games

In the diverse world of PC racing games and Internet racing games you will find racing games off all types involving all different kinds of vehicles and taking place on any terrain in any kind of weather conditions. Auto racing games may take you and the vehicle of your choice on road to reach the highest speed and win the race or off road to complete the most dangerous and rocky courses and win points. Bike racing games, however, will take you and the bike of your choice on the road to reach the highest speed and in the air to perform the most complicated of jumps and bike tricks. Unlike it is the case for auto racing games where it doesn’t matter how much you thrash your car as long as you cross the finish line first, with bike racing games speed is very important but you lose points if you don’t pay attention to safety. In certain bike racing games you don’t just lose points, you lose the whole race as soon as you get injured.
When you play bike racing games you can challenge other players on the Internet, you can play against the computer or against older high scores. In bike racing games all the best races are immediately recorded and any player can race against them in the future. In bike racing games you need to complete each course with the highest speed possible and without getting injured to be allowed one level higher to the next level of difficulty course. Special extra points are credited when finishing an obstacle course at high speed and without any injury. Also, jumps and complicated stunts performed in mid-air are rewarded accordingly.
To control your bike in this racing game you need to use the X and Z keys as well as the mouse. The right and left movements of the mouse will steer your bike while the X an Z keys will help you shift up or shift down.  The skill required to race a bike as fast as you can, as spectacularly as you can and without suffering any injury makes bike racing games more challenging that auto racing games in the eyes of most impassioned players.
If you want a complete list of all available bike racing games all you need to do is start a search for bike games on the worldwide Internet.

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